"City Reflections"

“City Reflections”

Work in progress to date on a rather enormous canvas…

16/04/13 – Finish…

All complete (sorted the colour of the water out and amended the reflection). All varnished now to add to the liquid / reflectivity feel.





25/03/13 – Second Pass

Second pass to pull out certain colours. It’s working better for me now but I need to tone down the yellow as it does look like the streets are now on fire…


24/03/13 – First stage

Not “pink” enough and the colours are just not vibrant enough using acrylics. Need to work on sky to bring  more depth. Plus the photo I am working on doesnt really show the light degradation on the buildings i.e building should get darker the higher up you go due to the light from the city streets below. I’ll need to use adapt a bit on this.